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Norwegian Research Centre

Petra Langebroek is a Research Director at NORCE and Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research in Bergen, Norway. Her research focuses on the (un)stability of ice sheets and how they interact with climate. Langebroek coordinates the European Horizon 2020 project TiPACCs which investigates the possibility of tipping points in the Antarctic Ice Sheet and surrounding continental shelf seas. During her PhD at the University of Bremen, she studied the impact of long-term climate changes (insolation and carbon dioxide) on the Antarctic Ice Sheet during the Middle Miocene. After a PostDoc working with oxygen isotopes and atmospheric modelling at the Alfred Wegener Institute, she moved to Bergen in 2011. There Langebroek works on various projects targeting ice sheet and climate interactions, on various time scales, using numerical models. Her extended research group deals primary with development and research using the Norwegian Earth System model NorESM.

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