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The University of Western Australia

Alan Aitken is Associate Professor in Geophysics at the University of Western Australia. His research career began with an MSc in Geophysics from the University of Otago in New Zealand supported by the ANDRILL program, awarded in 2004. He graduated his PhD in 2009 from Monash University where he studied geophysics and tectonics of remote central Australia. His research specialises in geophysical knowledge of geology undercover in frontier regions, including work at regional to continental scale in Australia and Antarctica. His work in Antarctica has focused for over a decade on the Wilkes Land region of East Antarctica including the regions of Totten, Denman and Vanderford glaciers, and for these areas the definition of a comprehensive knowledge of subglacial geology and recording past interactions with the East Antarctic Ice Sheet. His current work continues to focus on this region but is extended to continental-scale studies of sedimentary basins, lithospheric and crustal structure and defining the associated basal boundary conditions for Antarctica’s ice sheet.

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