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Scientific Commettee

Tim Naish – Antarctic Research Center – Victoria Univ. of Wellington New Zealand

Flo Colleoni – National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics Italy

Elisabeth Thomas – British Antarctic Survey UK

Alessandro Silvano – University of Southampton UK

Andrew Lloyd – Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory USA

Alex Simms – University of California – Santa Barbara USA

Joanne Johnson – British Antarctic Survey UK

Richard Levy – GNS Science New Zealand

Sophie Crook Nowiki University of Buffalo USA

Rebecca Priestley – Centre for Science in Society – Victoria Univ. of Wellington New Zealand

Rob De Conto – University of Massachusetts Amherst USA

Volker Klemann – GFZ Potsdam Germany

Roderik van de Wal – Utrecht University Netherlands

Edward Gasson – University of Exeter UK

Stewart Jamieson – Durham University UK

Tobias Staal – University of Tasmania Australia

Local organizing committee

Conference organization

Florence Colleoni – OGS

Giulia Massolino – OGS

The Office

Early Career Researcher Team

OGS Team

Divulgando Srl

School laboratories

Immaginario Scientifico

Museo dell’Antartide

Excursions & Activities

Renato R. Colucci – CNR ISP

Stefano Furlani – University of Trieste

Saul Ciriaco – Riserva Marina Protetta Miramare

Fabio Raicic – CNR ISMAR

Rino Lombardi – Museo della Bora

Circolo Sommozzatori Trieste

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