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The three best posters will be awarded 500€ to attend the next SCAR OSC in Chile in 2024!

The winners will be announced during the closing session on Thursday late afternoon.


Please fill the form to become one of the ECR Poster competition Judge:
There are 20 posters officially in competition

8 - Guy Paxman

Mapping the distribution of ancient low-relief land surfaces beneath the Antarctic Ice Sheet

16 - Qinggang Gao

Evaporative controls on Antarctic precipitation: An ECHAM6 study using novel water tracer diagnostics

18 - Martim Mas e Braga

Antarctic ice stream thickening during the mid-Pliocene warm period

19 - Jennifer Arthur

Using ICESat-2 for subglacial lake detection and tidal model validation in Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica


38 - Tobias Staal

Tectonic segmentation of the Antarctic continent by multiple observables

46 - India Uppal

Using gradient-boosted equivalent sources to grid large magnetic datasets

52 - Sérgio Gonçalves Jr.

New insights of intense change of sea salt aerosol geochemistry in WAIS triggers by stratospheric ozone depletion

61 - Anwesha Sharma

Recent ice dynamics and structural evolution of Jutulstraumen, Queen Maud Land, East Antarctica

64 - Keiko Takehara

Reconstructing Antarctic Bottom Water variability in Cape Darnley over the past 500 ka: Implications for marine carbon cycle

80 - Matt Tankersley

Gravity inversion as a method to recover sub-ice shelf bathymetry; applied to the Ross Ise Shelf

111 - Luca Zurli

Petrographic characterization of gravel and provenance inferences from offshore sediments in the Cook-Ninnis glaciers area (George V Land, Antarctica)

115 - Franka Jesse

The effect of 2D basal melt patterns on ice sheet stability

140 - Jacob Anderson

Antiphase dynamics between cold-based glaciers in the Antarctic Dry Valleys region and ice extent in the Ross Sea during MIS 5


160 - Alanna Alevropoulos-Borrill

Re-advancing Amundsen Sea Embayment Ice Streams Following Retreat: Slowing Future Sea Level Rise with Reduced Sub-Ice Shelf Melting


165 - Matt Tankersley

Antarctic-Plots: a Python package to help conduct Antarctic research


177 - Thomas Arney

Lead-isotope provenance analysis of Plio-Pleistocene iceberg-rafted debris from the West Antarctic margin


203 - Andrea Geniram

Multiproxy analysis of sediment collected from the Glomar Challenger Basin and the slope and rise area (Eastern Ross Sea, Antarctica)


218 - Caroline van Calcar

Simulation of a fully coupled 3D GIA – ice-sheet model for the Antarctic Ice Sheet over a glacial cycle

228 - Claire Divola

Constraining the radiocarbon reservoir for coastal waters around the Antarctic Peninsula using historically harvested whale bones


264 - Natalia Tebenkova

Formation of the climatic signal of the isotopic composition of precipitation in Central Antarctica

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