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INSTANT 2023 Conference will be hosted in the Trieste Congress Center, in Italy. It will put together international scientists, practitioners and policy-makers to discuss the role of Antarctica in sea level projections and impacts. This conference is co-organised by the international Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research and the National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics of Trieste. It is cosponsored by WCRP-CliC programme and the National Italian Programme on Antarctic Research. This conference will have an international resonance in the media. As such it represents the perfect opportunity for your business or association to come and exhibit and sponsor this amazing event. There are many different packages and offers available so please reach out, we are also very happy to cater a package to suit you and your organizations needs.

Sponsorship possibilities:
  • Conference exhibition booths
  • Conference material & events
  • Early Career Researchers Venue
  • Outreach events in town for schools and local populations
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